privacy policy
Privacy policy

About personal information on the user's terminal
The apps distributed by Boosim Lab do not require personal information. It does not read the phone number, email address, or phone book of the terminal at all, and does not require "permission" to read personal information. Please use with confidence.

Handling of personal information by displaying Google ads
The Boosim Lab website publishes advertisements using Google AdSense.
We send user access information to Google for optimal advertisement distribution, but personal information of the terminal such as name, address, email address, phone number is not sent.
For details, please see the privacy policy of the Google Privacy Center.


Boosim Lab(ボーシム研)の配信するアプリは個人情報を必要としません。端末の電話番号、メールアドレスや電話帳の読み取りなども一切行っておらず、個人情報を読み取る「許可」も要求していません。どうぞ安心してご利用ください。

Boosim LabのWebサイトではGoogle AdSenseによる広告を掲載しております。

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