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1. このアカウントをフォローする。
2. このつぶやきをリツイートする。
3. 「裏技教えて」とメリッサにリプライする。
4. ダイレクトメッセージで、裏技をお教えします。


遊び方(English text is below)



ハイスコアを、タイトルの「Regist Ranking」からネットランキングに登録できます。

How To Play

The purpose of a game
The purpose of this game usually lands on green land on a stage safely, and is dashing oneself against a battleship on a battleship stage.

The flow of a game
A player operates a yellow airplane. If nothing is done, it will descend, but it goes up with an OK/RISE UP button. Please land quietly on green land which will come out if it progresses for a while. If downward speed when it lands does not overrun too quickly, a landing success is carried out and it is a stage clearance. A score becomes high, so that distance has a margin. Moreover, a score can be earned if the balloon which exists on the way is broken. Please do not hit, although an enemy plane also appears from the 2nd page. The stage of the multiple of 3 turns into a battleship stage. Please dash yourself against a battleship, avoiding the cartridge which a battleship shoots. It is a high score, so that it is close to the central part of a battleship.

Resist Ranking
A high-speed-steel core can be registered into net ranking from "Regist Ranking" of a title.


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